5th European Hand Injury Prevention Course Expand

5th European Hand Injury Prevention Congress


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From 11/23/2018 to 11/24/2018


Aula Magna, Presidio CTO,

Città della Salute e della Scienza,

Via Zuretti 29, Torino (Italy)



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The cost is 183€ (local tax included)

Free but compulsory registration for CTO hospital employees



A Certificate of Attendance will be available for all delegates attending the Hand Prevention 2018 Congress.



The official language of the congress is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Deadline for sending abstracts: October 28th 2018

Friday November 23rd

14.00   Opening of the Congress

Dr. S. Falco, Dr. N. Boeti, Dr. A. Lanza


14.30   Round table

Acute work injuries

Chairmen: Dr. PL. Tos, Dr. M. Riccio

Epidemiology, laws and investments for injuries reduction (B. Battiston - Italy)

Secondary prevention: trauma nets (A. Fenoglio, P. Tos, M. Bertolini - Italy)

Tertiary prevention: the role of rehabilitation (E. Magistroni, G. Parodi, G. Massazza - Italy)


16.00   Free papers

Surgical or conservative treatment of non-displaced scaphoid fractures: a medical or a social decision(A. Fenoglio, B. Battiston - Italy)

Patient-surgeon relationship can prevent hand trauma complications

(T. Dubert, C. Girault, M. Rozenblat, J. Dorey, H. Khalifa and G. Katz - France)

Epidemiology of musculoskeletal pathologies due to biomechanical overload of the hand wrist segment and the criteria of occupational attribution  

(E. Pira - Italy)


16.30   Invited lecture

Hand Injury Prevention society and hand injuries  in Turkey (T. Kaleli)


17.00   Coffee break


17.30   Round table

Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Epidemiology, laws and prevention

Chairmen: Dr. E. Pira, Dr. G. Pajardi

The importance of workplace design phase in the prevention of CTD in working activities (Ing. L. Ghibaudo - Italy)

INAIL compensation of upper limb cumulative trauma disorders as occupational diseases (Dott. M. Carnassale)

Tertiary prevention: the role of rehabilitation (E. Magistroni, G. Parodi, G. Massazza - Italy)


18.30   Free papers

Prevention of muscoloskeletal problems in musicians (P. Tos - Italy)

 Saturday November 24th

08.30   Round table

Hand trauma prevention in children and domestic activities

Chairmen: Dr. I Rossello, Prof. F.Bassetto

Prevention campaigns

The Italian Campaign for pediatric hand trauma disorder (F. Bassetto, A. Monticelli, A. Leti Acciaro, C. Tiengo, M.P., Benedet - Italy)

Safe hand project: from operating table to school desk (F. Bassetto, A. Monticelli, A. Leti Acciaro, C. Tiengo, M.P. Benedet - Italy)

Pediatric burn care: primary and secondary prevention (S. Germano, F. Bergamin, A. Clemente - Italy)

Hand trauma care in children: Our organization (A. Clemente, S.Germano, F. Bergamin- Italy)


10.00  Invited lecture

Utopia is possible: facts in hand injury prevention (A. De Leo)


10.30   Coffee break


11.00   Round table

Prevention of sport injuries

Chairmen: Dr. U. Passaretti, Dr. A. Atzei

Mental training to empower athletes in prevention of sport injury (M.L. Iavarone, S. Bellantonio - Italy)

Elbow (L. Cara - Italy)

Wrist and Hand (L. Marzella - Italy)

Rehabilitation as prevention in sports (M.T. Botta - Italy)


12.00   Free papers

Stener lesion of the thumb (M. Riccio - Italy)

Pulley Injuries in Rock Climbers: analysis, prevention and treatment (E. Massarenti, E. Cavalli, G. Pajardi - Italy)

An overview of hand and wrist injuries in sports (Zoe Dailiana - Greece)


13.00   Closing ceremony




Bruno Battiston, Alessandro Fenoglio



Bruno Battiston (Italy), Philippe Bellemere (France), Richarda Böttcher (Germany), Maurizio Calcagni (Switzerland), Thierry Dubert (France), Alessandro Fenoglio (Italy), Henk Giele (UK), Max Haerle (Germany), Martin Leixnering (Austria), Anna De Leo (Italy), Tufan Kaleli (Turkey), Pierluigi Tos (Italy)


Secretary General of FESSH: Maurizio Calcagni

Hand Trauma Committee Chairman: Pierluigi Tos

Hand Trauma Prevention Committee: Tufan Kaleli, Martin Leixnering

Supported by:

Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand FESSH

Hand Trauma Committee

Prevention Commission of Hand Trauma Committee


StudioProgress S.n.c.
via C. Cattaneo 51 - 25121 Brescia
tel. 030.290326 fax. 030.2809839

Bruno Battiston

Alessandro Fenoglio
Ortopedia e Traumatologia

e Chirurgia della Mano

CTO di Torino


Presidio CTO, via Zuretti 29



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