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€ 500,00

From 15/04/2019 00:00:00 to 17/04/2019 00:00:00

The 8th International Dissection Course will take place in the Department of Anatomy and Histology of the Miguel Hernández University, San Juan de Alicante (Spain) from April 15th to 17th 2019.


This course is aimed at Plastic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Hand Surgeons who want to improve their technical skills in peripheral nerve surgery and palliative tendon transfers on the upper and lower limb.

The course consists in discussion time on clinical anatomy, dissection techniques and lectures delivered by experts in the field, followed by practical sessions with cadaver dissection performed directly by the participants.

Participation to the dissection course is limited to 30 surgeons accepted on a “first registered, first served” basis.

Whoever is interested can register for the Course clicking on the green form to the right of this page


IMPORTANT: two delegates per specimen (entire body)


Registration is accepted on receipt of the registration fee and the completed registration form. Course fee is 1,500.00plus tax and can be settled:


• by bank transfer (bank charges settled by participant) to

 StudioProgress account, IBAN code

IT36 O 02008 11200 000005235699 


 • by credit card DIRECTLY from the on line registration form

Registration fee includes: scientific sessions, dissection on cadavers, course abstracts, coffee breaks, lunches, gala dinner, attendance certificate.


Hotel accommodation is not included, but a number of rooms are being held for participants at a selected 3 star hotel conveniently close to the Course venue.

Please contact the Organizing Secretariat for reservations.


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April 15th 2019            08.30 – 13.00

Interactive lectures with tutors and participants 'activated' by an expert


09.00     Adult brachial plexus injury: basic principles & reconstructive strategy. P. RAIMONDI

09.20     Nerve repair in C5 C6 palsy. N. FELICI - activators: A. GILBERT- M. MERLE

09.40     External rotation reanimation in Brachial Plexus Repair. J. CLIFTON activator: A. BHATIA

10.00     Phrenic nerve transfer for reanimation of triceps and finger extension. A. BHATIA activator: P. RAIMONDI

10.20     The Wang Procedure and hand recovery in subtotal and total brachial plexus injuries. S. WANG - Activator: A. GILBERT


11.00     coffee break


11.25     Elbow flexion reanimation with muscle transfers. A. BHATIA - activator:  J. CLIFTON

11.40     Obstetrical palsy C5C6C7: grafts vs nerve transfers. P. RAIMONDI - activator: A. GILBERT

12.00     Total Obstetrical palsy: strategy. A. GILBERT - activator: P. RAIMONDI

12.30     Lecture: Treatment of supination deformity. A. GILBERT

12:50     Lecture: Thoracic outlet syndrome. M. MERLE

13.10     Lunch


14.30 – 18.30 CADAVER DISSECTION hands on

  • Brachial Plexus approach A. GILBERT
  • Radial nerve motor branch for axillary nerve injury: axillary & posterior approach M. FELICI
  • Scalenotomies and 1st rib removal M. MERLE
  • C7 harvesting and prespinal routing S. WANG


April 16th 2019            8.30 – 13.00

Interactive lectures with tutors and participants 'activated' by an expert


08.30     Correcting shoulder functional limitations in children. F. SENES - activator: P. RAIMONDI

08.45     Aged nerve injuries: late nerve repair or tendon transfers? P. RAIMONDI - activator: A. GILBERT

09.05     Distal nerve transfer - Direct root repairs for hand function in BPI. A. BHATIA - activator B. BATTISTON

09.25     Very distal nerve transfers: indications & approach. B. BATTISTON - activator: M. MERLE

09.45     Internal splint in peripheral nerve injury. J. CLIFTON activator:  A. BHATIA

10.00     Secondary surgery for shoulder extrarotation in children. A. MUSET - activator: A. GILBERT

10.30     coffee break


11.10     Radial nerve injuries. Timing and strategy. I. MARCOCCIO - activator: M. MERLE

11.35     Treatment of paralytic thumb. N. FELICI activator P. RAIMONDI

11.55     Tendon transfer for radial nerve palsy. P. RAIMONDI - activator: B. BATTISTON

12.20     Tendon transfer for ulnar nerve palsy. P. TOS - activator: M. MERLE

12.40     Tendon transfer for wrist and finger extension after Obstetrical Palsy. A. GILBERT - activator: F. SENES

13.00     Lunch

14.30 - 18.30 CADAVER DISSECTION hands on

  • Ulnar & median nerve approach at arm and forearm B. BATTISTON
  • Radial nerve approach at arm and elbow A. MUSET
  • Muscle transfers for elbow flexion: triceps, pectoral. J. CLIFTON
  • Tendon transfers for wrist and fingers extension  P. RAIMONDI


20.30 dinner

April 17th 2019            9.00 – 13.00

Interactive lectures with tutors and participants 'activated' by an expert


08.30     Ulnar nerve decompression @ elbow: simple decompression vs transposition N. FELICI vs B. BATTISTON - activator: P. RAIMONDI

09.00     Lower extremity nerve decompression for diabetic neuropathy. F.J. GARCIA BERNAL activator: N. FELICI

09.15     Lower extremity nerve injuries repair. J. CLIFTON activator: N. FELICI

09.35     Tendon transfers for common peroneal nerve palsy. I. MARCOCCIO - activator: B. BATTISTON

10.00     Lecture: Surgical management of lumbosacral plexus injuries. S. WANG


10.30     coffee break


11.00     Harvesting free gracilis muscle flap: tips and tricks. J. CLIFTON - activator: P. TOS

11.15     Sural nerve harvesting. M.J. SANTANA

11.30     Tips for nerve graft reconstruction J.M. BREYER activator: P. TOS

11.45     The nerve gap. P. TOS - activator: A. GILBERT

12.00     Adipofascial flaps to restore nerve gliding and painful neuroma management. P. TOS - activator: F. AMADEI

12.20     Lecture: How to explain failures after repair of peripheral nerve injuries. M. MERLE

12.50     closing remarks

13.00     Lunch


14.00 - 18.00 CADAVER DISSECTION hands on

  • Tendon transfers for distal ulnar palsy M. MERLE
  • Intercostal nerve harvest. A. BATHIA
  • Tendon transfers for peroneal nerve palsy I. MARCOCCIO
  • Gracilis muscle flap harvesting J. CLIFTON


18.00: closing remarks


AMADEI F. - Milan, Italy

BHATIA A. - Pune, India

BATTISTON B. - Turin, Italy

BREYER J.M. - Santiago del Chile, Chile

CLIFTON J. - Guadalajara, Mexico

FELICI N. - Rome, Italy

GARCIA BERNAL F. J. - Bilbao, Spain

GILBERT A. - Paris, France

MARCOCCIO I. - Brescia, Italy

MERLE M. - Luxemburg

MUSET A. - Barcelona, Spain

RAIMONDI P. - Milan, Italy

SANTANA MAJAN M.J. - Alicante, Spain

SENES F. - Genova, Italy

TOS P. - Milan, Italy

WANG S. - Beijing - China



CATENA N. - Italy

CAVALLI E. - Italy

CROSIO A. - Italy


LAZZARO L. - Italy

ODELLA S. - Italy

ORNELLI M. - Italy

TITOLO P. - Italy

Hotel accommodation is not included, but a number of rooms are being held for participants at a selected 3 star hotel conveniently close to the Course venue.

Please contact the Organizing Secretariat for reservations.


StudioProgress S.n.c.
via C. Cattaneo 51 - 25121 Brescia
tel. 030.290326     fax. 030.2809839

N. Felici, M.J. Santana Majan,

Alain Gilbert and Pier Luigi Raimondi


Miguel Hernandez University
San Juan de Alicante (Spain)


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