18a Giornata Milanese di Chirurgia della Mano Expand

18a Giornata Milanese di Chirurgia della Mano



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From 03/25/2021 00:00:00 to 03/26/2021 00:00:00

Due to the COVID emergency this event has become a WEBINAR



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What’s new in hand surgery in the last two years - “Keep up to date”

Milan, March 25-26, 2021


Thursday 25th March 2021

14.30-15.35 TENDONS

14.30-14.40 INTRODUCTION     

Giorgio Pajardi

14.40-14.55 Variation and evolution of flexor tendon management

Chiara Parolo

14.55-15.15 Flexor muscles contracture: fractional lengthening

Caroline Leclercq and Ahlam Arnaout 

15.15-15.35 Zone 2 flexor tendon surgery in 2020: should we really need stronger recommendation to act for improving outcome?

Maddalena Bertolini


15.35-16.55 OPEN SESSION

15.35-15.50 Tendon repair in children: current management and new approaches

Elisa Rosanda

15.50-16.05 Current trends in tendon rehabilitation

Rossella Pagliaro

16.05-16.15 Tendon surgery: clinics and research towards the future

Franco Bassetto

16.15-16.25 Digital pulley system: old questions - new answers

Andrea Zoccolan and Irene Zotta

16.25-16.35 Flexor tendon repair development: from surgery to regenerative procedure

Michele Riccio

16.35-16.45 Secondary flexor tendon reconstruction: heterodigital hemi-tendon transfer and variation of technique

Pierluigi Tos

16.45-16.55 Healing and timing of primary flexor tendon repair from day 1 to day 30 ... can we say that?

Sandra Pfanner and Giovanni Munz


16.55-17.10 DISCUSSION or BREAK


17.10-17.55 Lecture

New directions in surgery for osteoarthritis of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb

Neil Jones 


Friday 26th March 2021

09.00-09.45 SKIN

09.00-09.10 INTRODUCTION     

Giorgio Pajardi


Luigi Troisi

09.25-09.45 New frontiers in upper limb reconstruction

Francisco Del Piñal


09.45-10.55 OPEN SESSION

09.45-10.00 Perforator flaps for upper limb reconstruction

Francesco Zanchetta

10.00-10.15 Rehabilitation in upper limb reconstruction

Simone Seppi

10.15-10.25 Upper limb reconstruction after tumoral excision

Emanuele Cigna

10.25-10.35 Adipofascial flaps in upper limb reconstruction

Gabriele Delia

10.35-10.45 Upper limb reconstruction after trauma

Mario Cherubino

10.45-10.55 Upper limb reconstruction in burn patients

Michele Maruccia


10.55-11.10 DISCUSSION or BREAK


11.10-12.15 BONE

11.10-11.20 INTRODUCTION

Giorgio Pajardi


Mario Paracuollo and Andrea Ghezzi

11.35-11.55 Semi-circular external fixation in hand surgery

Alberto Lazzerini

11.55-12.15 Druj instability management - the role of distal interosseous membrane

Gustavo Mantovani


12.15-13.45 OPEN SESSION

12.15-12.30 One mini-hole technique for proximal row carpectomy

Mattia Carozzo

12.30-12.45 Proprioceptive techniques for treatment of dorsal wrist ganglion

Alessandra Menegari

12.45-12.55 Fragility fractures in the third millennium: the management of distal radius fractures and the elderly

Giancarlo Caruso

12.55-13.05 Volar marginal rim fracture fixation with volar fragment-specific hook plate fixation

Alessandro Fagetti

13.05-13.15 Scaphoid non-union: arthroscopic treatment

Alberto Sgarbossa

13.15-13.25 Capflex prosthesis

Davide Smarelli

13.25-13.35 Arthroscopic Interposition Tendon Arthroplasty for Stage 2 slac wrist

Lorenzo Merlini

13.35-13.45 Indication in 3D printing in distal radius correction in post-traumatic and Madelung deformity

Massimo Corain


13.45-14.25 BREAK FOR LUNCH


14.25-15.50 NERVES

14.25-14.35 INTRODUCTION

Giorgio Pajardi


Chiara Novelli

14.50-15.10 Nerve transfers - new frontier

Bruno Battiston     

15.10-15.30 Paediatric brachial plexus palsy – new strategies

Filippo Senes     

15.30-15.50 Brachial plexus injuries what’s new on repair?

Riccardo Giunta   


15.50-17.10 OPEN SESSION

15.50-16.05 Role of ultrasound in evaluation of peripheral nerve injury and compression

Giulietta Proserpio

16.05-16.20 Neurorehabilitation and neurogliding

Elena Mancon

16.20-16.30 Thoracic outlet syndrome, does it still exist?

Nicola Felici

16.30-16.40 Ulnar nerve transfer in the hand, cadaveric studies and application

Michele Colonna

16.40-16.50 Nerve tumours

Roberto Adani

16.50-17.00 Short nerve gap

Ignazio Marcoccio

17.00-17.10 Stem cell and skin regeneration

Yvan Torrente


17.10-17.25 DISCUSSION



Adani Roberto, Modena
Arnaout Ahlam, Paris, France
Bassetto Franco, Padova
Battiston Bruno, Torino
Bertolini Maddalena, Torino
Carozzo Mattia, Milano
Caruso Giancarlo, Firenze
Cherubino Mario, Varese
Cigna Emanuele, Pisa
Colonna Michele Rosario, Messina
Corain Massimo, Verona
Del Piñal Francisco, Madrid, Spain
Fagetti Alessandro, Varese
Felici Nicola, Roma
Ghezzi Andrea, Castellanza
Giunta Riccardo, München, Germany
Jones Neil, Los Angeles, USA
Lazzerini Alberto, Milano
Leclercq Caroline, Paris, France
Mancon Elena Marta, Milano
Mantovani Ruggiero Gustavo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marcoccio Ignazio Mario, Brescia
Maruccia Michele, Bari
Menegari Alessandra, Castellanza
Merlini Lorenzo, Paris, France
Munz Giovanni, Firenze
Novelli Chiara, Milano
Pagliaro Rossella, Milano
Pajardi Giorgio Eugenio, Milano
Paracuollo Mario, Milano
Parolo Chiara, Milano
Pfanner Sandra, Firenze
Proserpio Giulietta, Milano
Riccio Michele, Ancona
Rosanda Elisa, Milano
Selvetti Claudia, Milano
Sénès Filippo Maria, Genova
Seppi Simone, Milano
Sgarbossa Alberto, Brescia
Smarrelli Davide, Bergamo
Torrente Yvan, Milano
Tos Pierluigi, Milano
Troisi Luigi, Milano
Zanchetta Francesco, Milano
Zoccolan Andrea, Savona
Zotta Irene, Savona


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